Sailing Boats

Sail away all your matters on an exclusive sailing trip among the calm waters of Zakynthos and coast of Kefalonia. Gather together 10 to 15 persons and enjoy sailing with no xrowds or a packed deck.
It's your private 19 metre yacht and your own skipper, for a whole day. Enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of Zakynthian and Kefalonian coasts by our sailing yacht.
A relaxing, exhilarating and idyllic experience which will satisfy the adventure to the laid back. Feel the sun and the sea breeze while you cruise with sails or engine (depending on the weather).

Rib Boats

If you like sea and speed ribboat is the best mean to tour around Zakynthos and the Ionian sea.
Alone or with our skipper explore the remote areas of Zakynthos.
If you can spent more days on the sea then consider on exploring near by islands like Kefalonia, Lefkada and many more small remote “paradise” islands.